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Read more about Sapera as an accounting system as well as where our story starts. You can also contact us here.

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Read more about Sapera as an accounting system and where our story begins. You can also find our contact information.


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Read more about Sapera as an accounting system and where our story begins. You can also find our contact information.



Read more about Sapera as an accounting system and where our story begins. You can also find our contact information.

Point of sales

Park sales

If a sale execution is prevented from being completed, you can simply park the sale and reopen it later.​

Return sales

Return one or more items directly from the checkout. For chains with several stores, the customer can return the product to any store

Offer campaigns

Create tailored discounts and offer campaigns for your customers using price types and discount catalogs.

Exchange marks

Exchange tokens can easily be issued during the sale. Exchange tags can be scanned for quick return,​

Fast dispatch

Let your customers pay with their favorite means of payment. Sapera supports all common forms of payment.​

Mobile POS

Take the box with you anywhere on your tablet / laptop. Our direct integration to MobilePay POS makes payment in the field painless.​

User rights

Limit what each of your users or employees should have access to in Sapera.​

Automatic calculation of end of day settlement

Have a more efficient operation by letting Sapera automatically calculate your end of day.​

Voucher & gift cards

Get an easy and quick overview of credit certificates / gift cards as well as their expiry date etc.​

Physical and digital receipts

Choose between printing out the receipt with a receipt printer or let the customer receive the receipt electronically via email or SMS.

Deposit / customer payment

Receive easy deposits / customer deposits with Sapera's deposit wizard.​

Stock management

Create and import items

You can easily create goods and services. You can also import files with products in CSV or Excel format.​

Copy products

You can copy items and make changes without affecting the original item.​

Supplier creation

Have an easy overview of the suppliers you trade with. So you can quickly reorder goods.​

Shadow library

Sapera imports data from leading suppliers within various industries. You therefore do not need to create products yourself, but can simply take them from the shadow file.​

Category creation

Create categories for your products or services. The categories control the bookkeeping itself

Search tags

Put search marks / tags on your products. Search tags can be used for easy filtering in the product overview, sales statistics or, for example, to give a discount on all items with a certain search tag.​

Barcode scanning via App

Edit items easily by simply scanning the barcode. The Sapera Mobile App provides easy access to the maintenance of your goods - directly in the store / warehouse.​

Status module

You can easily use Sapera Mobile to carry out quick and effective status counts in your business and in your warehouse.​

Comprehensive discount management

Set up, for example, the purchase of x number of products at a certain price. or, for example, 6 products can be sold for the 4 cheapest prices.​

Search function & filtration

Inside the product catalog, for example, you can easily filter products by product category, type, manufacturer, etc. Everywhere in Sapera you can freely filter on the available columns.​

Min. and max. purchase

Add min and max quantity of your items. You can thus easily create purchase proposals from the purchasing module. At the end of the day, you can be notified about goods.​

Purchase module

Optimize the purchasing process by using the purchase order module, which makes the path from ordering to stock receipt simpler and more efficient.​

Integration to webshop

Easily connect sapera with your webshop. This gives you the option of automatic stock data synchronization regardless of whether a product is sold from the webshop or sapera.​​


Add variants to your product. This could, for example, be different sizes of the product shoes.​


Make product reservations for your customers and access the stock overview showing the number of available products in stock.​

Serial products

With series items, you can track individual series items. Full overview of serial product history, stock movements, financial postings, costs etc. Remind the customer that it is time for a service, for example on a bicycle.

Service calls

After e.g. 1, 4 and 6 months after the sale of the serial item - or alternatively after a certain time interval, the serial item can be called in for service via SMS or e-mail.​





The webshop has a wide range of features that can assist you in marketing your webshop.

Complete web sales from Sapera Mobile

The Sapera Mobile App can easily be used to retrieve the ordered goods and complete the web sale directly from the app.

Third-party integrations

Easily integrate the webshop with third-party integrations such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc. The list is extensive.


Let your customers sign up for newsletters. In the webshop, you can then create your own newsletters and email campaigns.

Related products

An effective way to generate additional sales is by displaying "related products" on the webshop's product pages.

Google Shopping Feed

Display your products at the top of the Google Search page when customers search for their favorite products.

Content pages

Create your own content pages and any blog posts, news sections, discussion forums, etc., for your website.


Easily integrate your webshop with Shipmondo and manage shipping and printing of package labels.

Discount codes

Create discount codes that you can use in conjunction with your marketing campaigns on platforms like social media.

Customer points

Offer your customers points for the money they spend in the webshop. These points can be redeemed for other items.

Product management

With a fully integrated webshop, you easily manage your products. The webshop updates inventory by deducting when sales are made from the point of sale (POS) and replenishes accordingly.

Integration for webshop

Easily connect Sapera with your webshop. This allows for automatic inventory data synchronization, whether a product is sold through the webshop or Sapera.

Order module

Individual workflows

Our order module is fully customized to your needs and workflows, whether it's assembly, service repairs, or sales.


Products, prices, campaigns, etc., are automatically transferred from Sapera to the webshop. Similarly, orders made on the webshop automatically appear as orders in Sapera.

Avoid double registrations

You can easily create an order based on an offer and make changes to the offer, avoiding double registrations.

Barcode scanner

With barcode scanners, you can easily and quickly enter goods or equipment.

Attachment of images

You have the option to take a picture of your repairs and attach it to the respective order.

Warranty repair / prepayment

Sapera supports scenarios where certain repairs, such as redoing or warranty-related, should not be charged to the customer.

Payment link

Send payment link to the customer via SMS/email. This allows, for example, to receive a deposit before a major repair is carried out, without the customer needing to visit the store.

Calendar function

Easily distribute tasks among company employees in the calendar module.

Sapera Mobile

Sapera Mobile offers easy task execution directly from the mobile employee's app. From the app, items consumption can be scanned, and final invoicing can be done, among other functions.

Customer and product overview

Easily have an overview of customers as well as goods and services through the sales order module.

Internal and external notes

Text fields where internal and external notes can be written on the orders.

Customer and product overview

Easily have an overview of customers as well as goods and services through the sales order module.

Sapera Mobile App

The app module allows mobile access to job cards/sales orders.

App for mobile employees

With our iOS and Android app, you have Sapera right at your fingertips. Perfect if you're on the go or if your workplace isn't typically at a desk.

Product overview

With the Sapera app, you have quick access to your product catalog, making it easy to sell your goods or services directly at the customer's doorstep.

Customer overview

Have a quick overview of your customers on the go through the app.

Use Sapera - Offline App

We have developed a version of Sapera that works offline. We call it the Offline App, and it is based on the Sapera solution, albeit in a scaled-down version. It includes the most “common” functions you need when the unexpected happens, and your internet is down or the power is out. Through the app, you can still serve your customers, and when your internet connection is restored, the app will synchronize “offline data” to your store solution.


Keep track of valuable data through Sapera’s printouts.

Sales Bestsellers

The "Sales Bestsellers" list shows which products you have sold the most within a given period.


In Sapera, "Complaints" show all complaints that you or other cashiers have registered.

Timestamp Statistics

In Sapera, "Timestamp Statistics" show all sales divided per hour.

Purchase Recommendations - Min/Max

Get a printout of Sapera's purchase recommendations. This allows you to assess which products you want to order from your supplier.

Inventory Value

In Sapera, 'Inventory Value' shows the total value of products in your inventory. Get a printout of a list detailing your inventory value, where you can see individual product entries.


Keep track of desired products that are on backorder from your supplier and order them as soon as your supplier has them back in stock.